by Designer Cynthia Rodriguez

This is an exceptional business that caters to the customer who appreciates a personalized, one of a kind Swarovski encrusted shoe. By collaborating one on one with the designer, your unique shoe will be conceived, resulting in a stunning and exclusive creation.

What We Do

Crystal4u strives to create something personal for the client, that's unlike anything else. A one of a kind shoe and creation. How we do that? You provide us the shoe of your choice that you would like us to customize with genuine Swarovski Crystals. You then, chose the color stone and what you would like done (for example; a bow, back of heel, scattered, entire shoe, etc). All at an affordable price because that's the best part! We pride ourselves in making this custom service reachable to all clients; therefore offering our customers the choice of price range. We as the designers work with the budget that best fits you. But Crystal4u doesn't just stop at Shoes, we also custom in Fashion, Accessories, Technology, Music Instruments and anything else you can think of! We love a challenge and will turn down no request. When your ready to submit your order with us, send off your shoes, or item of choice, and once we receive your order, please allow up to two weeks for the order to be returned. We do however charge a rush fee for customers with urgency, as we understand you may have Wedding Dates, or events that you'd like these designs for. Feel free to contact us anytime so we can begin creating together!


Before & After

Follow the Steps to Complete Your Order

Here's a step to step guide
Step 1: Contact us

The first step to ordering your shoes is to send us an email at [email protected]. In the email be sure to include your name, an image of the shoe, what package you would like as well as the color of the crystals you would like used.

Step 2: Send Your Shoes

Once you have been contacted by a Crystal4u Representative you will then be given an address and further instructions regarding your order.

Step 3: Save the Date

Once your shoes are in the mail and on their way. You will then be advised that we have then received your shoes and please allow up to 2 weeks for your shoes to be returned. Keep in mind any dates and events that you may want these shoes for. We do have a fee for rush orders, please include any important details like this in your email.